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We talk about the changing bridal industry, how to Clockwork your Bridal store, including finding your Queen Bee Role and getting more free time through systems and automation.

The bridal industry is changing. With sales shifting to big retailers like Nordrom and Anthropologie, independent bridal retailers must innovate to stay in business. Rather than lament the brides that demand more, bridal stores must embrace and capitalize on the unique customer experience that they can provide. Hint: it’s not just champagne.

Sales strategies that worked in the past no longer work with the current generation of brides. Brides want the experience of going to multiple stores, effectively decreasing profit margins…if all you are selling is the dress. This new behavior is not all bad news. Brides booking multiple appointments at retail shops is an indication that the demand for in-person experience persists. Step up to the challenge and define the unique experience that you will offer. Be bold.

Mike Michalowicz talks about Clockwork and how to run your bridal business on automatic. Find your Queen Bee Role. Similar to Start With Why (Simon Sinek), the Queen Bee Role helps to identify your brand promise and what you are uniquely positioned to offer your customers. The dress is a commodity. A mere souvenir. We explore the nuance of discovering the experience that YOU offer your customers.

The roles of employees – based on their strengths rather than their titles – can propel your business to efficiency and reduce payroll costs. Dynamic systems co-created by employees, including video, can result in engaged employees and ongoing organizational learning.