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Bridal Accounting + financial Advising

Balanced Books, Balanced Life

Greater than $1.5M Revenue?

Basic Bookkeeping > $1.5M

*$499/month for businesses with <$1.5M revenue
$599/month for businesses with >$1.5M revenue
Full terms and conditions will be detailed in client engagement letter

Advanced Accounting > $1.5M

*$699/month for businesses with <$1.5M revenue
$799/month for businesses with >$1.5M revenue
Full terms and conditions will be detailed in client engagement letter

**Included with annual engagement

Our monthly plans are designed & priced for QuickBooks Online only. We will gladly convert your QuickBooks Desktop file as part if listed as part of your plan or as a standalone service.

Profit Advisor > $1.5M

*$899/month for businesses with <$1.5M revenue
$999/month for businesses with >$1.5M revenue
Full terms and conditions will be detailed in client engagement letter

BridalLive Ditch the Desktop

Take full advantage of the new BridalLive QuickBooks Integration!

  • Painless and accurate conversion to QuickBooks Online
  • Custom Conversion Report with Next Steps
  • Installation of a Bridal Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks designed specifically for your bridal store
  • BridalLive accounts mapped to QuickBooks Online using the new BridalLive Detailed Breakdown feature
  • One hour training session on QuickBooks Online conducted over Zoom (video chat)

Love Notes

“Working with Ingrid is a wonderful experience. She understands the intricacies of the bridal business and she is kind and patient with her direction. Her accounting adjustments have become a vital part of helping us understand the numbers of our company. QuickBooks reports are now making sense, and with her professional, knowledgeable guidance, we continually discover new ways of helping our store grow in health and profitability. We are beyond happy to have Ingrid in our corner!”

– Tina Berry & Daron Snyder | New Beginnings Bridal Studio

A la Carte Options

New QuickBooks Set-up


QuickBooks Conversion


Chart of Account Re-Design


*Conversion of a file with QuickBooks payroll is $1599 before 6/1 and $1999 after 6/1 due to the complexity of payroll conversions.
Alternatively, we will migrate new clients to Gusto Payroll an annual accounting engagement.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Next STeps? How does it work?

When you sign up for any of the BridalLive Ditch the Desktop or QuickBooks Online Conversion services, you will receive a detailed email with next steps. We make this as straightforward and painless for you as possible. You add us to your QuickBooks Online account (or purchase an account through our site), upload your QuickBooks Desktop file to our secure portal, provide your BridalLive and QuickBooks Desktop credentials, and that is pretty much it. We will reach out to you if we have any questions.

What do you mean by "Monthly Accounting Complete?"

We consider monthly accounting complete when all transactions for the month have been categorized and reconciled. We also perform two sets of cross-checks across all accounts to make sure that there are no duplicate transactions and to make sure that no errors were made after account reconciliation. If there are any transactions that we don't recognize according to your account history and our knowledge of your account, we will send you a list within your account log at month-end to make sure we categorize them correctly.

Do you offer payroll services?

If you are looking for full-service payroll - where we run the payroll for you - we are happy to talk. Pricing depends on the number of employees, the frequency of your payroll runs, and the complexity of your staffing situation. We use Gusto Payroll plus T-Sheets for timekeeping. If you run your own payroll but just need a little assist with set-up or at tax time, we support you in our Advanced Accounting and Pro-Advisor Plans.

What does "Included with Annual Engagement" Mean?

When our clients first come to us, there is often a big effort involved in getting a working financial foundation in place. We want to be able to get our new clients up and running without a big upfront investment. Some of our services therefore include a one-year commitment. If you sign an engagment letter and agree to a full year engagement, you agree to pay 50% of the remaining years balance, should you decide to cancel early. This is our way of providing the highest possible service at the lowest upfront cost, while reducing risk within our own business.

I am interested the in Basic bookkeeping plan. Can I purchase some of the other services a la cart?

We do offer some services a la carte. Some of them are listed above! Some fees can be avoided by committing to an annual engagement. Other services outside of the scope of basic bookkeeping are available at a discounted hourly rate. If you find that you need many of the services on the list, we recommend moving to a higher level of service. If you have questions about which option is right for you, feel free to get in touch! We are always interested in pairing you with the service that is most appropriate to your needs and stage of business!

Love Notes

“I have gotten so much out of working with Ingrid! I actually have money in the bank and I am learning a ton. She has helped me break barriers in my financial confidence and things are going well for me for the first time in a long time. She takes time to share detailed thoughts on everything I throw her way. Now I know with absolute truth that 2019 will be about growth and letting go of the mindset that has kept me fearful around money. Breaking barriers!”

– Monika Sharma | NVision You

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