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Bridal Store Mastermind Groups

Connect with your tribe. Learn from the successes and mis-steps of other bridal stores. Take your business to the next level.

Reach your goals

No Bridal Store is an Island

I form mastermind groups of 6-10 bridal store owners that are serious about focusing on positive growth in their business. Groups are carefully curated so that you are placed with people that are in a similar stage of business and similar momentum.



Business BFF’s

“Being part of this group is the best thing I have done for my business and my personal life.”

Business | Personal

Nobody will Understand You Like Your Mastermind Group

Creative Problem Solving

We draw on the decades of experience of the group to craft new ideas and new paths forward. The industry is changing. You need to change with it


From other ambitious bridal store owners at your level.

Monthly Calls

Mastermind calls faciltated to maximize learning between you and your cohort.

Hot Seat Opportunities

Imagine the entire group focused on the unique challenge or opportunity that you are facing in your business. That is the power of the hot seat!

DO Apply for a Bridal Mastermind if you are…

  • Ready to connect and learn from other bridal stores
  • Willing to take serious action in your business and be held accountable
  • Ambitious, have a growth mindset, yet also open to new ideas and opportunities


DO NOT Apply to Join a Bridal Mastermind if you are…

  • Content to keep your business as-is. You have it all figured out
  • Annoyed by input from others and don’t like to be coached or taught anything
  • Not seeking to expand or grow your business


How to Join

Enroll in one of the following by 6/30/2019

“I learn so much every time we meet. Even when I am not in the hotseat, there are incredible things to learn from the other questions people ask and the experiences that people share.”

Apply for a Bridal Mastermind Group

I am forming mastermind groups during the month of June 2019. I will follow up with a Questionnaire to place you in the best group possible. Thanks for Applying!