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Amplify your Impact

Personalized Accountability to Your Roadmap

Private Coaching and Consulting

If you enter into a private coaching/consulting engagement with me, we will have a standing calendar appointment to work through the Butterfly Revolution program. You will also be able to book extra one-on-one time on my calendar, if needed, as well as priority email access for questions that come up. My one-on-one engagements are highly limited to ensure that I can provide the highest level of support.

Here is what we will tackle, step-by-step

Financial Power

When was the last time your financial statement told you the truth…or even made sense?  

Welcome to Profit First. You will learn how to use this revolutionary cash management system to pay yourself first, transform your business, and change your life. 

In a private consulting engagement, I will personally design your Profit First roll-out plan using your business financials as well as important contextual information that comes out of our sessions. I will help you stay accountable to your plan in our private standing sessions by keeping you on track and making course corrections as needed.

The first 3-6 months of any Profit First implementation are the bumpiest. You are learning a new system at the same time as the system is adjusting to your business. I guide you through the first critical steps so that you can reap the massive rewards that will follow.

P.s. We will also dig into your Financial Statements and QuickBooks.

Decision Power

Drive your business forward with clarity…  

…We will design the decision making structure for your business wth the dashboard to match. And it will be beautifully simple. 

We use Objectives an Key Results (OKRs) to clarify goals accross your organization.

Design Power

Design your business so that it doesn’t need you…

Can your company withstand the pressures of an ever-changing marketplace? Can it withstand a bad season? Can it live on without you…temporarily? Permanently? These are all indicators of health, and of your shot at financial freedom. I will help you chart the path and design the systems to power your business forward.

Amplification Power

Amplify your Why

You have something unique to offer the world. What tools can you leverage to make to most impact? 


All private coaching and consulting engagements are with Ingrid Heilke.

Private engagements are limited in availability and there may be a waiting list at any given time.

I therefore want to make sure we re the right fit.

If you know this is the right time for you to commit to transforming your business, kindly fill out the application below.  

We will be in touch within 5 business days to set up a discovery call if you qualify, or to discuss alternative options.

*When you submit this form, you agree to be contacted with regard to Butterfly Revolution services to support your organization. We will also reach out from time to time with