The Profit First Bootcamp & Financial Mastery Series

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Profit First Professional Certified Firm Butterfly Revolution
Profit First Professional Bookkeeper, Coach, Accountant

We help Change Agents Amplify their Purpose and Impact


We help purpose-driven entrepreneurs overcome financial distress, find clarity in numbers, and chart a path towards a thriving, impactful business.  


Most entrepreneurs do not start a business because they love numbers. Most start because they have identified a unique way that they want to change the world through service. 


  To lead a business, a movement, or even a team, you don't need an accounting degree or an MBA. But you DO need a system for setting goals, tracking desirable outcomes, and ensuring profitabilty.  


You show up eady to roll-up your sleeves.  


We provide the no-judgement zone for fnancial literacy, action steps, hands-on tools, and the clear path to amplify your purpose and impact.

Standard Pricing for One-on-One Annual Engagement: $12,000 - $36,000  

Pricing for the Group Program: $95/month for 12 months

$45/month thereafter to continue your membership

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Program Roadmap

Bi-Weekly Lessons

Bi-Weekly Training

  • Lessons released bi-weekly
  • Each lesson builds on the last, moving you steadily down a path of profit-building and financial health
  • Watch on your own time
Weekly Group Coaching As-Needed

Weekly Group Coaching Come As-Needed 

  • Live weekly coaching on Zoom
  • Join on an as-needed basis
  • Get clarity on lessons, Profit First implementation, or just listen to the conversation
  • Learn from other members!
Profit First and OKR Accountability

Action Steps & Accountability

  • You will take action throughout this program
  • You will gain an unprecedented understandng of the money in your business 
  • You will boost your profitability and change the way money flows through your business permanently
Profit First Community Forum

Community Forum

  • Ask questions any time
  • Get guidance on Profit First, QuickBooks, and other business decisions
  • Leverage the power of the group - learn from other Butterfly Agents!
Decision Tools for Profit First, OKRS, Business Model Design, Amplifying Purpose and Impact

Decision Tools for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

  • Profit First, step-by-step
  • Set Objectives + measure Key Results (OKRs) 
  • Align your team to your goals 
  • Design your business model to fit the intersection of your WHY and market demand
  • AMPLIFY your purpose and impact with the right tools

Mike Michalowicz, Myrna Daramy, John Bates, Dr. Sabrina Starling, Carol Cox, Profit First Accounting Team, Butterfly Revolution Accounting Team, Profit First, Tech and Money, Speak Like a Leader, Hire the Best, Your Tax Questions Answered

Special Guests Including...

Mike Michalowicz Live and Uncut

 Myrna Daramy Tech & Money  

Dr. Sabrina Starling How to Hire the Best

John Bates Speak Like a Leader 

The Butterfly Revolution Accounting Team Your Tax Questions Answered 

Join the Profit First Bootcamp + Business Mastery Series

Here is What we Will be Tackling in easy, action-packed steps... 

Financial Power

Profit First Bootcamp for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

When was the last time your financial statement told you the truth...or even made sense?  

Welcome to Profit First. You will learn how to use this revolutionary cash management system to pay yourself first, transform your business, and change your life. 

P.s. We will also answer your QuickBooks questions!

Decision Power

Pain-Free Decision Making Business

Drive your business forward with clarity...  

...We will design the decision making structure for your business wth the dashboard to match. And it will be beautifully simple. 

We use Objectives an Key Results (OKRs) to clarify goals accross your organization.

Design Power

Design Business for Financial Freedom and Well Being

Design your business so that it doesn't need you...

Can your company withstand the pressures of an everchanging marketplace? Can it withstand a bad season? Can it live on without you...temporarily? Permanently? These are all indicators of health, and of your shot at financial freedom. We can help you chart the path.

Amplification Power

The Ripple Effect of Business Models that Change the World

Amplify your Why

You have something unique to offer the world. What tools can you leverage to make to most impact? Learn from the masters. Learn from your peers. Learn from other industries.

YES, I Want to Revolutionize my Business!
Framework for Financial Health for Purpose-Driven Entreprenuers; Amplify Your Power and Impact

Elevating Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur's

Financial Power Decision Power Design Power To Amplify Positive Change


  • A chance to take control of the cash flow in your business...instead of letting it control you.  
  • A chance to work with a financial coach and accounting team dedicated to entrepreneurial change agents.  
  • A chance to get the business education that you always knew you needed.  
  • A chance to overcome financial distress, find clarity in numbers, and chart a path towards a thriving, impactful business.  

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Love Notes

Thanks for putting this program together. It is a lifesaver! - Sarah Black

After our first conversation, I just knew that Ingrid understood our struggles and that she was the perfect person to help our industry. Since then, Ingrid has been integral in helping me to evolve the profitability of my own business. I am so grateful that she has created this program. 

It gives me chills to see that the goals that I created to elevate our industry are coming to fruition. I am so thrilled to be on this journey with all of you! 

- Beth Chapman, White Dress By the Shore, Beth Chapman Styling and Consulting, The White Dress Society

When I started with Ingrid, I had no concrete structure for my business finances and no plan for where the revenue would go after it came in. I also had TONS of start-up and student loan debt, no plan of attack, and very little confidence that I could dig myself out of the hole. Oh, AND I was a working mom with two little ones under three and two teenage stepchildren. So for the first couple years in business, we were mostly a single income family, as I was part-time stay-at-home-mom, and my income was quite sporadic.  

Needless to say, the financial stress in my life was high. I felt completely overwhelmed. I carried a lot of guilt and shame about my debt and lack of financial organization. I felt like my past decisions were holding me back from moving forward and growing my business. Anything relating to my financial future felt insurmountable.  

Working with Ingrid was pivotal in reclaiming financial control in my business and life. I felt seen and heard. There was no judgement from her, but rather recognition and validation of my personal and business needs up to that point. She was fiercely dedicated to helping me frame my big vision and break that down to immediate action steps. She effortlessly moved between my business and personal financial needs and helped me envision how I could address both. She gave me the structure and the concrete plan I needed. She provided much needed accountability, support, and truly helped me implement the Profit First model in real life.  

After a few months of implementing the Profit First model, according to our roll out plan, I realized I really did have enough coming in to cover my vital expenses, save for taxes, and aggressively pay down my debt. Three months into the process, I paid off my first ever student loan. Almost nine months in, I’ve paid off two student loans, two credit card bills, and I’m close to paying off a third student loan. I’ve also slowly increased my paycheck, to supplement our household income, and as a result, we can afford to send my 4-year old to preschool this fall. A year ago, I never would’ve imagined ANY of that to be possible.  

As my work with Ingrid comes to a close, I feel empowered, organized, and responsible around my finances. I feel like I’m in charge of where my money goes, and as Ingrid recently told me, I’m literally doing everything I can to get out of debt. Knowing that is such a relief! - Tina Grinold, The Luna Way

I want to tackle my debt, too. Sign me up.

The last two years have been really tough, financially. I came across the Profit First book when I was researching how to make my busines more profitable... and I found the Financial Mastery Series. It literally was like a lifeline and I couldn't believe the timing. It was exactly what we needed. We know we have a successful business. However, sometimes on a week to week it doesn't feel that way when we are at the mercy of our cashflow! This will change our lives in terms of business and then in turn our personal lives - no longer contstatley having work on our minds and worries over cashflow and bills etc and generally feeling out of control of it all. We are excited for the future of our new store and this journey to profitability. - Laura Boland

I LOVED your lesson on making space in our personal lives for what is important! Really spoke to me personally because in my heart I am a true workaholic and struggle to find balance and the “importance things “ all the time!! So thank you for your words of encouragement to find a few of those things that are important to me and make a list or plan on how to achieve those 😀 those things are so much more important than my business!!! I forget or lose site of that !! You're really are great at what you do and I am thankful for the opportunity to work with you. - Terrie Boesel

I was thrilled when Beth rolled out this program with Ingrid! We show a strong profit on our books by the traditional accounting method, though I don't always see that reflected in our cash flow, so I'm improving our systems to ensure success for myself or a future owner! - Heather Burge

Oh, yeah, I want to be really profitable too! Let me in!

While I have been in business for almost 9 years now, I admittedly am NOT a numbers person. It makes me uncomfortable and that is the main reason I NEED this program. - Ty Mc Brayer, Twirl Bridal Boutique

My degrees are in counseling - not finance. I am not known for being great with numbers. I have heard in the past it is best to know your weaknesses and go at them head on - so that is what I am doing! The Financial Mastery Program helps me to see and learn my mistakes, and to to better myself and my company now, instead of waiting until I am in a dire situation and not understanding why. - Heather Craft

I joined The White Dress Financial Mastery Series so that I could start off on the right foot. I want to learn from others who have already been in this business for years. And hopefully I can offer fresh perspectives as a new business owner. I also find financials very boring - I have a university degree in Business, but my passion was Marketing. I want to build more confidence when it comes to understanding the financial health and management of my business (and specifically in off-season cash-flow management). - Katie Bursy

I joined The Financial Mastery Series because now that we're actually turning a profit I want to be smart with my money. I want to be sure I'm properly funding the accounts I need to and watching the accounts that can be money sucks (inventory and operating expenses). - Autumn Parton

I own a bridal shop and am now part of the Financial Mastery Series. I have known for a few years why I have cash flow problems, much less, no profitability. So, I drew my line in the sand yesterday. I want to succeed and I am willing to do the work. Thank you for Profit First. I don’t think I would have been as brave without this group, so thank you. - Geri Cardinal

I joined The White Dress Financial Mastery Series for to better plan for inventory buys and account for the fluctuations in sales. I like being held accountable. - Lydia Doyle

We joined the program because we want to get a handle on seasonal cycles. Stressed out during the summer months and thriving September through March. We want to be profitable and learn how to get rid of our debt. We are excited to learn more!! - Krysta York

Ingrid Heilke Guiding you on a path towards financial power and decision power so that you can amplify your purpose and impact!

I am the Founder of Butterfly Revolution, where I serve as Chief Financial Guide, Business Strategist, and Profit First Professional. 

MIT-trained, I blend my superpowers in finance, decision science, and organizational change to help entrepreneurs find clarity in numbers and chart a path towards a thriving, impactful business.  

I started this pogram based on my commitment to helping small business owners achieve true financial literacy and gain the power to make decisions with confidence. I start with building a solid financial foundation and build in decision power and business design power for true transformation. 

In my quest to amplify entrepreneurial purpose and impact, I partner with change agents to make lasting, industry-wide change. Her deepest joy is derived from transforming an entire marketplace by leading masterminds, facilitating cross-industry dialogue, and generating and interpreting key industry data. 

My early financial acumen was honed through helping countless small businesses gain financial clarity as well as strengthening hedge fund investment strategies through modeling and forecasting company fundamentals and industry trends.  

At the US Environmental Protection Agency, I built multiple tools to help cities, towns, and community organizations across the country make better decisions and achieve better sustainability outcomes.  

I hold a Master’s in City Planning from MIT and a Certificate in Environmental Planning as an MIT Energy Initiative Fellow. M.I.T also named me a Graduate Woman of Excellence for my leadership and service contributions. I hold a B.A. from University of California, Santa Cruz, with Highest Honors in Anthropology and Environmental Studies.