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Speaking Topics

Profit First: How to Make your Business Permanently Profitable in an Instant

Why You Must Make a PROFIT to Make an IMPACT...and Why Profit Is not a Dirty Word

The Butterfly Revolution: How Little Changes Make Big Impacts

Finding True Financial Alignment: How to Forge a BFF Relationship Between Business and Personal Money

Designing your Financial Destiny: What Every Entreprenuer Would Do if They Had a CFO

The Private Side of Public Work LIVE (A facilitated panel)

Full-Day or Multi-Day Training Available for Your Group

These intensive trainings are for entrepreneurs that are ready to take action and transform their business! Ingrid will guide your group through the following stages. 

Financial Power: Build your financial foundation (Profit First)

Decision Power: Build the decision-making structure in your business that will set you free

Design Power: Build a re-design process that will keep your business model relevant and keep you energized

Amplification Power: Use your busieness to amplify your purpose and your positive impact on the world

Warning: this is not a theoretical activity. You will be expected to change the way you think about and do business. You will be uncomfortable. And you will change your life.

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About Ingrid

Ingrid Heilke is the Founder of Butterfly Revolution, where she serves as a Chief Financial Guide, Business Strategist, and Profit First Professional. She blends her superpowers in finance, decision science, and organizational change to help entrepreneurs find clarity in numbers and chart a path towards a thriving, impactful business.  

Ingrid founded the Butterfly Revolution Financial Mastery Program based on her based on her commitment to helping small business owners able to achieve true financial literacy and gain the power to make decisions with confidence. She starts with building a solid financial foundation and builds in decision power and business design power for true transformation. 

In her quest to amplify entrepreneurial purpose and impact, Ingrid partners with change agents to make lasting, industry-wide change. Her deepest joy is derived from transforming an entire marketplace by leading masterminds, facilitating cross-industry dialogue, and generating and interpreting key industry data. 

Ingrid’s early financial acumen was honed through helping countless small businesses gain financial clarity as well as strengthening hedge fund investment strategies through modeling and forecasting company fundamentals and industry trends. At the US Environmental Protection Agency, she built multiple tools to help municipalities across the country make better decisions and achieve better sustainability outcomes.  

Ingrid earned a Master’s in City Planning from MIT and a Certificate in Environmental Planning as an MIT Energy Initiative Fellow. M.I.T also named her a Graduate Woman of Excellence for her leadership and service contributions. She holds a B.A. from University of California, Santa Cruz, with Highest Honors in Anthropology and Environmental Studies.  


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