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Building the Business of Bridal

Financial Power | Decision Power | Design Power

Strategy Sessions

What is the Next Best Step?

For example…

Get clear on your business goals and measurable key results (custom OKRs & KPIs)

Get a clear buying strategy before going to market – know exactly what to spend, who to buy from, and what styles will sell

Develop an inventory disposal plan – drop the dead weight and re-invest in profit-building inventory only

Design your business systems for optimal efficiency

Do a QuickBooks walk-through to find out what you are missing and what you can tweak to improve reporting, money management, and profitability!

Is your lease coming up in the next year? This is a big decision with big financial consequences! Let’s look at your options so you can make the best decision possible!

Re-calibrate your Profit First Allocations

What other decisions are you struggling with? Drop me an email, and I will let you know if we can tackle it in one to two strategy sessions.

*See complete Terms and Conditions for detailed explanation of services.